One, Instruction


ADB series is a new product of our company. It has some advantages such as hight precition, attractive appearance, easy to use , strong stability,etc. It was widely apply to spaceflight, shipbuilding, railway,automobile,electronic, engineering plant, etc. It’s an essential tool for improving the quality of product.


Two, Technical parameter

Model ADB-5 ADB-10 ADB-30 ADB-50 ADB-100
Range(N.m) 1~5 2~10 5~30 10~50 20~100
Precition ±3%
Dimension (mm) 345*77*58 395*77*60
Weight (Kg) 0.52 0.58
Tenon Size 3.3*6.3 9.5*9.5 12.7*12.7


Three, Structure

Dial Torque Wrench
Four, Using Method


1, Calibrating the machine before using. Set the pointer return to zero on the scale, show as the following picture,

Dial Torque Wrench
2, Rotate the button on the scale, make the red pointer close to the black pointer ( the red pointer is in front of the black one ). Show as the following picture:

Dial Torque Wrench

3, Remove the torque wrench slowly, when the pointer point to the value which you wanted, then stop making force. Now the black pointer returned to zero, and the red one still point to the value. (That’s the peak holding function.)

4,It’s necessary to calibrate the bidirectional torque wrench when it was changed direction to use.

5, This machine is a precise instrument, it would be handled with care during using and should be placed in a dry place.

Dial Torque Wrench


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