How to Install Mini Circuit Breakers

Mini circuit breakers are specifically designed   for the protection of lines and cables against short-circuit and overload. Therefore, it provide the care for the electrical equipment against massive temperature rise and damage when short circuit occurs. It operates the same ways as the larger one however, it only takes half space in the service panel.

However, don’t you know that installation of mini circuit breaker is one of the most daunting electrical work known so far?   Yes, but there are certain ways on how to install thing safely and effectively. Here’s how:

  • Prepare first the things that you will need. These include screwdriver, flashlight, wire stripper, wire cutter, hammer, two miniature breakers, pliers and metal connector.
  • Start it through turning off the power from the panel in the main breaker. Detach its panel cover through removing those fasteners, which is holding it in its place. Make sure that the flashlight is near you since you are going to turn off everything in your house.
  • Take away that full sized breaker through grasping the switch and then pull it gently. This will unclip effortlessly from the bus bar.
  • After that, you should disconnect that black wire located at the back of the breaker from the screw terminal through the power of the screwdriver. When the breaker is one type of the internal-terminal,   then this is the time that you are obliged on disconnecting the breaker in order to clip wires.
  • Attach the wire into the terminal of the mini circuit breaker. Then afterwards, hold it through the switch portion. Break the breaker in the slot situated in the full size breaker. It will then replace the existing circuit.

To add the new circuit, you must:

  • Make a hole so you can have an access in the service panel with a certain hammer as well as screw that let the cable for your new circuit.
  • Next, you can no install the metal electrical connector into the access hole along with the locknut within and screw lamps for the outside.
  • Start to run the cables by means of the connector wherein you need to leave behind sufficient amount of wire so it can reach the bus bars. Wrap up then the cable on the box’s interior edge       to prevent other kinds of cables and be able to access right away the hot bus bars.
  • Place cables black wire into the mini circuit breaker and the snap it right to the exact as prescribed.
  • You now need to connect those white wires into the terminal in the neutral bus bar which is also known as white too. Then connect ground wire through bus bar if this is present. This is usually comes in green.
  • Tighten up lock nuts in the connector through clamps and pliers in the cable by means of screwdriver.
  • Lastly, you may now replace the cover of the panel and bring back the power on it.

Your safety and security must be observed all the time whenever you are installing mini circuit breaker or any other electrical works that you have to do. Remember, your life is more important than any other things.