AC contactor pertains to the switch, which can be found on the outdoor part of the AC unit. This switch is comprised of metal plunger, control coil as well as one to two electrical contact sets.  Switch turns on and off AC units whenever you needed it while keeping your house on your desired temperature.

But, in some instances, contactor may fail and this may result for the condenser to stay on perpetually.   For practicality purposes, it is much better if you will replace your AC’s contactor in order to fix this issue. Here are the procedures, which may help you replace it:

  1. First, you must turn off your circuit breaker for your safety. Basically, it supplies efficient electricity into the air conditioning unit right on the main panel of electricity. As much as possible use circuit tester that is non-contact outside so you can confirm effective shutting down of the power. Never try to contact the contactor while the power is on. You might experience electrocution.
  2. Detach the screw, which secures side panels from outside of the AC unit through the help of the screwdriver. Repeat this process if it is necessary.
  3. Carefully lift up the topmost lid of the unit and set it aside. Remember, this may be too heavy for you so it is better if you will ask a help from your friend.
  4. Then, after that, look for the contactor within the AC unit. Usually, it looks like a black box wherein several are attached. Every manufacturer of contactor employs various types of wire configuration according in their desired designs.
  5. Make sure that you take note the wire configuration on single piece of paper.   Jot down the position of every wire as well as the colour so you can still attach it again on the configuration on the new and fresh contactor.
  6. Remove the contactor through your bare hands. They must slide down on the contact of the contactors.
  7. Get rid of the screws, which secure the contactors from the AC unit through screwdriver. Put the contactor on it.
  8. Then after that, it is now time for you to reverse procedure 6 and 7 for the installation of the new contractor.
  9. Afterwards, you should also reverse procedure 2 down to 4 so you can reassemble your Air conditioning unit.
  10. Next, bring back the power by turning it on from the circuit breaker.
  11. Finally, you should   try out your AC unit so you can make sure that it is working correctly. Set its temperature into ‘cool’. Let the system do it cycling process such as on and off. This will verify that your newly attached contractor is now performing accurately.

While you are replacing it, you must use caution around with the interior of your air conditioning unit. Never damage or bump any similar components like coils. There’s a possibility that they system will not function appropriately if its parts are damaged.