Contactor is known to be the one responsible in relaying switch which sends   the electricity into your AC’s compressor. It pulls all of the electrical contacts from each other whenever the power is needed and at the same time, close contacts in order to power up something. When it fails, the compressor in return cannot send the needed refrigerant. If this occurs, either, it will keep your unit operating simultaneously or it will be preventing it to operate again. This all depends on whether your contacts are close or open if the circuits failed.

Simultaneously Running AC

Go and open up your air conditioning unit and better found out where the contactor is located. But to make sure check this out first on different sites so you are familiar on how it really looks like. Then after then check if the AC contactor is clean             . Most of the time, insects, grime and even dirt are the one responsible   on the failure of the contactor. Most of us pay hundred dollar and even more of it, just to wipe those spider webs by an electrician.

When the contactor are clean though, however, if it looks like burned or welded, it is an indication then that you already need to replace it. Make sure that you power off first your circuit breaker before detaching or installing the new contactors.

Air Conditioning is not Running properly

If this happen, you better look on both side of contact points. This is the time you will see strips of metal, which is connected on the wiring and the contacts, leading to the motor of the air conditioner. These certain strips are known to be overload heaters, which functions, similar way as the fuse. When there is too much electricity flowing from them, they will melt and at the same time the power supply will stop. As soon as you visually inspected it and you see that one of it melted, you really need to buy a new one and install it right away. But if your newly installed contactor melted, then most probably, you are receiving too much voltage coming from contactor. It is much better if you will consult your manual for the necessary voltage that is around 24 volts. Whether you get too much or insufficient amount of voltage, you must immediately replace your contactor.

What you need to consider?

If you are replacing contactors,   why don’t you try t have some model and make like the original. If it is not possible, make sure to have one terminal, which are similar on the one that you took from the air conditioning unit. Ensure yourself that the voltage rating is also similar as what the lad capacity do have. You may find it out by means of the literature, which comes from the new purchased contactors, or through discussing with the salesman you bought from. These are some troubleshooting tips you can have with your AC contactor.