Do you have a septic system that stands alone servicing your home? You possibly do not think much about it and you are being confident that it is working, as it should, at least until there would be something to go wrong and you have found the sewage seeping back to your house into the drains. Unfortunately, this is a familiar scenario for the users of septic systems. The great news is that you can avoid it by having it inspected on a regular basis so that events such as replacing the distribution box and some other problems will be prevented.

These components can very likely be one of the most significant components of the septic systems in the present days. It lies between the drain field and the septic tank, being responsible in channeling the liquid wastewater out into the pipe networks, which leads into the drain field. It placed appropriately when installing the system, it must never be a problem, but if ever it becomes clogged, replacing it will prevent the maintained system from breaking down again. When you install the system, the distribution box need to be placed on the solid, original ground only, and not any portion that was raised as you add fill soil.

If you would replace it on top of the fill soil, there will be the risk, which in some point through the years it will start settling from the weight of the wastewater that is passing through it, making the passage of the water harder if the elevation needs to change. If you have to add fill to the ground that is under it, you can use gravel and not the loose soil. The level gravel will keep it from having to shift around and lose its elevation. The pipes that lead to the distribution box might be at higher elevation slightly, but those that lead out coming from the box through the drain field need to cant downward in order to provide a flowing out into the drain field.

Signs that you need to start backing up

Normal septic maintenance need to keep the tank from becoming too full of the solid meter and only the water need to pass through the distribution box. You need to recognize a foul smell that comes from the water or drains moving slower as compared to the normal things it do when you are draining a tub or sink or you are flushing the toilet. It may be the time to have your box checked for replacement or leveling.

When you install the septic system, the box needs to have water running through it, so as to be specific that it is at an appropriate level, inclining to allow the water to flow through, into the pipes, with no remains inside of it. If it does not, some adjustments should be made before the entire system goes on line. To go through the actions of replacing the distribution box can be a taunting task. To utilize experienced and trained personnel in order to accomplish this will be your best bet.