Increased Safety (proof mark for the “e”) is a kind of under normal operating conditions without arcing, sparking electrical equipment to take some additional measures to improve its safety, its internal and external components to prevent possible dangerous temperature arc and spark-proof type of possibility.
In normal operation will not produce sparks, electrical equipment and dangerous temperature arc structure, by taking measures to reduce or control the operating temperature, to ensure the reliability of the electrical connections, increasing the insulation effect and improve housing protection rating to reduce the pollution caused by dirt possibilities and moisture from entering and other measures to reduce the likelihood of failure may cause ignition, increase equipment uptime and provides safety and reliability under fault conditions.
It does not include sparking or arcing equipment (see GB 3836.3 standard) under normal operating conditions.
This type of equipment is mainly used for Zone 2 hazardous locations, and some models can be used for an area, for example, a suitable protective devices increased safety low voltage induction motors, junction boxes.