Meba electrical condenser HY30UF   are particularly suitable for parallel compensation of discharge lamps. Dielectric consists of self-healing polypropylene film, case and cover are made of self-extinguishing.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage 250V~-50/60Hz
Working Temperature -25~+85℃
Dissipation Factor tanΦ≤20 10-4@
Discharge Resistor on request
Test Voltage Between terminals
2,15 Un for 2 secretary
Between Terminal and Case 2 kV for 60 sec (type test)
Reference Standards EN 61048
type B – EN 61049
Protection Case in self.extinguishing
plastic material
Terminals Unipolar leads insulated in
Mounting Devices M8 stud, clamp, captive feet
Capacitance Tolerance Different Tolerance Values are available on request ±5% to ±10%

Installing Diagram

HY-30uF Capacitor
HY-30uF Capacitor


Voltage(VAC) Capacitance (μF) DXH (mm) Leads
250~280 3μF 34X68 Soft or Hard Wire Cable Wire Quick Conncitor
3.5μF 34X68
4μF 34X65
4.5μF 34X68
5μF 34X68
6μF 34X68
8μF 34X68
10μF 34X68
12μF 34X68
15μF 34X68
16μF 34X68
18μF 38X70
20μF 38X70
21μF 38X70
22μF 38X70
25μF 38X70
30μF 45X92
31.5μF 45X92
35μF 45X92
36μF 45X92
40μF 45X92
45μF 50X100
47μF 50X100
50μF 50X117
55μF 50X117
60μF 50X117
65μF 50X117
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