Fuse link is used for high voltage cut out fuse. According to the head type, fuse link can new type fuse link with button, common type link with/without button. And according to the melting speed, the fuse link can be K type, T type, H type and SF type.

The current for fuse link can be:1A to 200A,
The voltage for fuse link can be: 11/27kV, and 33/38KV.

Length: 23” for 11kv/27kv, 23”;  30.9” for 33kV/38kV.

Structure features
1.Removable button head, which can be cooperated with arc-shortening rod.
2.Fuse element: eutectic alloy which can be melted at low temperature to avoid the burning of arc-extinguishing tube.
3.High strength strain wire, which can withstand the tensile strength from fuse cut out flipper and outside pulling strength.
4.Swagged connected end, guarantees the reliable connection of elements and are not easily damaged.
5.Swagged cable section prevents splaying of standards of cable, to ensure the cable’s smooth withdrawal from tube during the melting of fuse link.
6.Tinned copper stranded cable, resists corrosion, its cable diameter can resist corona.
7.Auxiliary arc-extinguishing tube, improves the capability of interrupting low fault current, and has the special ability to interrupt full range fault.

Performance features
iii.Accurate time-current characteristics
ii. Accuracy
iv.Excellent fault interrupting capability

Reference standard

ANSI C37.41-42, IEC282-2:2008


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