The znic oxide arrester is the most advanced over-load protector in the world. With znic oxide resistor as the core component, the znic oxide arrester improves greatly the voltage-ampere characteristics of the resistor disc, and increases the flow capacity of overload voltage.

As the core component of arrester, Zinc oxide resistors is made up of zinc oxide, so that the weight and volume is much smaller, and it is more convenient to install and maintain.

Rated voltage:

15KV, 33KV.



  1. HW5W,

.nominal discharging current is 5kA,

.W means gapless,

.max. Rated voltage 42kV,

.4/10MS high current impulse 65kV,


  1. HW10W,

.nominal discharging current is 10kA,

.W means gapless,

.max. Rated voltage 66kV,

.4/10MS high current impulse 100kV,


Reference standard:



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