·Brief description
G series moulded case circuit breaker not only has compact volume than normal circuit breaker or fuse, but
also supply more advanced performance. Advantages as following:

■Easy installation accessory

■Easy installation accessory

■20A-2500A can equip with electronic trip

■Built in 20A earth fault protection

· Most reasonable contact terminal system design

Excellent contact terminal design makes G series circuit breaker outstanding performance and high flexibility possible. Our licensed technology adopts speed ’air-blowing’ system, this system adopts high breaking capacity fault current electric power function.

G circuit breaker adopts operation shaft equipment structer, this structer can trip freely when short circuit, shaft can direct definitely trip which caused in short circuit or overload, this fast and reliable operation system improve the safety performance.

·Completely testing before delivery
G circuit breaker’s quality and reliable is assured by completely testing, each pole on circuit breaker will make 2 times setting test to assure trip structure, operation structure and continuously and precision.

·Operating mechanism
G circuit breaker adopts shaft operation feature, this shaft can instruct circuit breaker’s  working condition: ON OFF and PIPPED.

2. When circuit breaker appear overloading, short circuit, shunt or under voltage trip action, shaft will jump to TRIPPED (trip) position, at this time, if need to re-switch on must push shaft to RESET position.

3. On both sides of shaft on EG and RG frame there will have 2 windows, which direct circuit breaker’s  working condition, red, green and white each correspondence  to: On/OFF/TRIPPED.

G Series Trip Unit

E125S Parameter

Working condition:
1.The altitude not exceeding 2000m
2.The ambient temperature is from +40°Cto -5°C
3.Ambient environment is free from explosive danger and air or dust, which may cause corrosion of metal or weakness of insulation.
4.Ambient environment is free from erosion of rain or snow.
5.Pollution degree 3
6.Over-voltage category III

[Download not found] Meba ACB Breaker L630S   is big ampere circuit breaker  with high breaking capacity match with RCCB, MCB  use  to protection power distribution equipment safety.


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