LB/BLB Series Aluminum Threaded Rigid Conduit Body Designed for explosive atmosphere Zone 1 Zone 2  Groups IIA,IIB,IIC

Application Act as pull outlets for conductor being installed.Change direction of conduitInstalled inconduit systems within hazardous areas
Features Smooth intergral hub bushings to protect conduct insulationwhen pulling.Most compact design of all hazardous area outlet bodies
Material Cast aluminium
Finish High voltage power coated
Screw Stainless steel
Spring washer Stainless steel
Ex marks Exe II
Ingress protection IP55
Corrosion resistance WF1



1:Conduit bodies are attached to  threaded rigid or IMC conduits when a change of direction is required.

2:Removable cover and gasket allow for easy wire pulling and feel through.

3:Commonly used as an economical convenience box when extra wire space is needed!


1:Save time and money by eliminating costly bending of large couduits in order to change the directions of conduit runs.

2:Allowed the insulator to easily bend wire into smooth turns.

3:Powder Coated finished and watertight gasket create a weatherproof installtion.

4:Their removable cover makes general maintance and future wire pulling easy and convenient!

LB/BLB-50 1/2″ 100 42*12.8*46.5 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-75 3/4″ 50 27.5*15*44 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-100 1″ 25 32*16.5*26.5 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-125 1-1/4″ 10 21.5*18*37.5 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-150 1-1/2″ 10 21.5*18*37.5 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-200 2″ 5 27.5*13.5*46.5 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-250 2-1/2″ 1 33*14*12.5 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-300 3″ 1 33*16*12.5 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-350 3-1/2″ 1 37*17*14 Aluminium Dia Cast
LB/BLB-400 4″ 1 40.5*18.5*15.5 Aluminium Dia Cast



◆Enclosure options, die casted aluminum alloy and casted steel.

◆High voltage electrostatic powder coating surface for aluminum alloy type, galvanized surface for casted steel type.

◆Different structure and models to meet different wiring need.

◆Exposed fastener is of stainless steel material.


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