Model explanation of proximity switch:

Number Composition Code and Definition
1 Switch catalogue LM: inductance type; CM: capactitance type; SM:Hall type;
AM:safety explosion- proof type; XM: mimic linear type
2 Outward appearance code ■: Cylinder type;
F: Angular column type and plane installation type
3 Working voltage 30: 6-36VDC; 310: 5-24VDC; 320: 12-60VDC;
20: 90-250VAC; 210: 24-250VAC; 220: 380VAC;
40: 12-240VDC/24-240AC; 50: Special voltage
4 Detection distance 01: 1mm; 05:5mm; 10:10mm
5 Output form N: Three-line DC NPN output; P: Three-line DC PNP output;
L: Two-line DC output; ■: AC two-wire output;
J: Relay output; NP: NPN+PNP output
6 Output state A: NO; B: NC; C: NO+NC; MU: Mimic voltage; MI: Mimic current
7 Subsidiary functions T: With connector; Y: Water proof, oil proof;
I: Special requirement; H: High temp resistance; R: Ring type


Main features:

– Compact volume

– high precision of repeated location

– Diversified exterior structures

– Good performance of anti-interference.

– Many output forms

– High on-off frequency

– Wide voltage range

– Dust proof,vibration proof,water proof and oil proof.

– With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection.

– Long service life

 Technical Parameter(Angular Column Type Proximity Switch LMF370):

Model NO. Detection distance Working voltage Output Flush
Form State
LMF370-3040NA 40mm DC6-36V NPN NO Non-flush
LMF370-3040NB 40mm DC6-36V NPN NC Non-flush
LMF370-3040NC 40mm DC6-36V NPN NO+NC Non-flush
LMF370-3040PA 40mm DC6-36V PNP NO Non-flush
LMF370-3040PB 40mm DC6-36V PNP NC Non-flush
LMF370-3040PC 40mm DC6-36V PNP NO+NC Non-flush
LMF370-3040LA 40mm DC6-36V Two wire system NO Non-flush
LMF370 -3040LB 40mm DC6-36V Two wire system NC Non-flush
LMF370 -2040A 40mm AC90-250V SCR Control label silicon NO Non-flush
LMF370-2040B 40mm AC90-250V SCR Control label silicon NC Non-flush

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