Meba-anti dazzle passageway light-ZY8100 is widely applicable to the floodlighting of the roads or passages for the plants, stations, large facilities, stadiums, tunnels and bridges.
Technical Data


1. Voltage/Hz  AC220V  50Hz
2. Light source
MH    Watts70W / 150W
Luminous flux 5500lm / 13000lm
Life cycle 9000 h
HPS   Watts 70W / 100W / 150W
Luminous flux 6000 lm / 9600 lm / 16000 lm
Life cycle 27500h
3. Cable outer dia φ6~φ8mm
4. Dimension 340×270×208mm
5. Net weight 6.2kg

6.Gross weight 7.1Kg
6. Shell protection grade IP65
7. Corrosion-proof grade WF2

1. ZY8100 lighting source and electrical components are of famous brands from Germany, with power factor > 0.9, long service life, reliable performance, good light transmission, and brightness 1020 higher than those with same power.

2. By means of the protection angle design, it can prevent the dazzling light, reduce the irritation to the eyes of operators and avoid discomfort and weariness.

3. With multi-layer shock-proof structure design and high intensity alloy shell, it is guaranteed for long-time and safe operation under high frequency shocking environments like the roadbed, track or tunnel.

4. Special seal and surface coating keep the lamp from corrosion or rusting under very harsh conditions of great moisture or high temperature.

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