Tech Parameter

Detect distance 15m 0.1-5m 700mm
Detect target Opaque materials of Min 16mm Opaque materials of Min 60mm Transparent, translucent, opaque material
Hysterisis ———— ———— 20% Max, at detecting distance
Response time Max 20mS Max 20mS Max 20mS
Power voltage AC24-240V  DC24-240V AC24-240V  DC24-240V AC24-240V  DC24-240V
Sensitivity ———— ———— Adjustable by VR
Operating mode Light on/off select by slide switch
Control output Relay output Capacity:30VDC 3AResistive load,250VAC 3A Resistive load
Contact orde:1C
Protection IP54 IP54 IP54

Using Cautions

Meba Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor BX15M-MFR Method of anti mutual-interference and cautions:

■Mutual cross installation of optic projector and photo-receptor.

■When using reflection type in parallel, the mutual spacing should be kept at over 1.4 times detection distance.

■The mains voltage should be within the range of operating.

■The following installation occasions will result in error action, take note of:

1. Dusty occasion

2. The occasion with corrosive gas

3. The occasion directly spattered with water, oil and agent etc

4. Outdoor or the occasion directly shine by hard light like sunlight


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