Meba breaker MBL7 DPN

  •  protecting against electrical leakage (residual current)
  • 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage single-phase 240V, three phases 415V, rated current up to 40A
  • cut off the power within the time of 0.1s automatically when the current exceeds the fixed value
  • protect the un-frequent switch-over of the circuit under normal conditions
  • conforms to IEC1009.1 and GB16917.1.

Meba breaker MBL7 DPN

Rated Voltage 230V;50/60HZ
Rated Current 6A 10A 16A 20A 25A 32A 40A
Rated Breaking Capacity 6kA
Trip Character C Characteristic Curve
Max fuse that can be connect to Max 100A gl/gG(>6kA)
Selection Grade 3
Working Enviroment Termperature -5~+40°C
Case Protection Grade IP40
Electrical life ≥8000times



The length of exposed plate 45mm
Enclosure heitht 80mm
Enclosure width 17.5 (1P+N)
Mounting According to IEC 35 mm DIN-Rail
Terminal Connection of exaltation
Terminal block capacity 1-6mm2





Moller 1 Modular 1P+N Circuit Breaker L7 circuit breaker DPN



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