Meba C Type AC RCCB with Overload Protection MDZLE-32-A

It’s function as combination of circuit breaker and residual current device, which protect human from the fault of electric because of over-current, short circuit, earth fault current.

MDZLE-32 is self-protecting up to a maximum short-circuit current 32A. All breaking capacities comply with Standard IEC/EN 61009.

The over voltage protection function can also be provided upon requirements. They are mainly used to protect the building illumination and power distribution system.

1. Residual current device with overcurrent protection
2. Combine in residual current device function and MCB over-current protection function
3. Short circuit capacity: 6KA
4. Rated current(A): 6, 16, 20, 25, 32A
5. Rated leakage operating current(mA): 30, 100, 300mA
6. AC and A types, B-C characteristic
7. Modular Din Rail products 35mm.


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