Meba circuit breaker MBL11


Meba circuit breaker MBL11is mainly used in AC50/60HZ single-pole 230V or two, three, four-pole 400V circuit for overload and short-circuit protection as well as for unfrequent on-and-off switching electric equipment and lighting circuit under normal condition. The product is suitable for industry, business, building, residence, etc. It is conformity with GB10963,IEC60898 standards.

1.1 Function
protection of circuits against short-circuit currents,
protection of circuits against overload currents,
circuit breaker is used in domestic installation,
as well as in commercial and industry electrical
distribution systems.

1.2 Feature
high protective grade(up to IP20), high breaking capacity,
reliable sensitive action, convenient, long life etc.

1.3 Selection
Technical data of the network at the point considered:
the earthing systems (TNS, TNC),
short-circuit current at the circuit-breaker installation point,
which must always be less than the breaking capacity of this device,
Network normal voltage.

Tripping curves of Circuit breaker:
B curve (3-5In)  protection for people and big length cables in TN and IT systems.
C curve (5-10In)  protection for resistive and inductive loads with low inrush current.
D curve(10-14In)  protection for circuits which supply loads with high inrush current
at the circuit closing (LV/LV transformers, breakdown lamps).

1.4 Approvals and certificates of Circuit breaker
Detailed information, please refer to Certificates Table


Technical Data

Number of Poles: 1P,2P,3P, 4P

Rated Current(A):6A, 10A, 16A,20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A

Breaking Capacity(A): 6000A

Rated Voltage(V):240/415V

Rated Frequency:50/60HZ

Electrical Life:6000

Mechanical life:20000

Protection degree:IP20

MAGNETIC COIL: ensures the switching of short-circuit, speaking within the following ranges: 5 to 10 times rated current (Type C), 3 to 5 times rated current ( Type B ), 10 to 14 times rated current ( Type D )

BIMETAL: ensures the breaker trip when overloaded.

ARC CHAMBER: effectively dissipates the electric arc that is generated by the opening contacts of the trigger mechanism in the presence of an overload or short circuit.


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