Meba circuit breaker type THQC

THQ, THC series miniature circuit breaker is characteristic of small size, light weight, novel structure and excellent performance. They are mounted in the illuminating distribution board and used in guesthouses, block of flats, high buildings, squares, airports, railway stations, plants and enterprises etc, in AC circuits 230V(single pole) up 400V(3pole) 50/60Hz for protection of overload short circuit and for circuit change-over in lighting system. Breaking capacity is 3KA. The items comply with BS & IEC60947 standard.

Meba circuit breaker type THQC


1. Much higher short circuit breaking capacity.
2. Dual-connection convenient for both standard busbar and conductor connection.
3. Improved safety of operators offered by special design of terminals.
4. Much longer service life thanks to energy storage operating mechanism.
5. A variety of modular auxiliaries allows for easy and quick installation.
6. Enclosure and functional parts made of advanced plastics with flame-retardant,heat-resistant and impulse-proof properties.
7. Higher current-limiting capacity ensuring a cost-effective range of products.

Technical Data

Pole number Rated current(A) Rated voltage(V) Rated making and breaking
Setting temperature of
protective characteristics
1P 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 63 AC12 5 40
AC120/230 5
AC230/400 3
2P 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 AC120/230 40
AC230/400 3 5
3P 50, 63 AC230/400 3

Pillar type terminal
Mounting: clips pan assembly base
Plug-in mounting base

Overall & Installation Dimensions

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