Meba Combiner Boxes for Solar  is added between PV system modules and inverters. PowerSA-SUNio provides perfect solutions to satisfy the demands of convenience installation of large-scale PV grid-connected system modules, simple maintenance and high reliability. It converges the solar cell array which is cascaded by the same specification PV array according to the range of inverter’s DC input voltage. The serial current is accurately measured, and then output through lightning protection and circuit breaker. PowerSA-SUNio meets the needs of easy and fast connection and maintenance, and high reliability. It sets alarm accuratly and locates failure semultaneous, PowerSA-SUNio measures the voltage and cell temperature of PV array, and monitors the status of lightning protection and output circuit breaker, which is a great help to remote diagnosis of running status of PV array.

Meba Combiner Boxes for Solar


IP65. Be able to fulfill external installation wall type sealed cabinet.

Input 16 PV array concurrently. 16 pairs of pulse and minus terminals, connected with special imported fuse wire each. Protect both anode and cathode with private PV HVDC fuse. Thevoltage endurance capability is above 1000VDC.

3 Pieces of specific lightnig protection for Anode and cathode. The voltage up to 1000VDC.

L World brand DC circuit breaker.

The maximum open-circuit input voltage(maximum DC voltage) is more than 1000V (including 1000V).

Adopt reliability Hall element(DC CT sensor) in the M&C module to monitor each PV array current. Set Alarm and locate failure. Communicate through RS485 port.

Independent mesurement for PV array current.

Current analysis and fault alarm.

Meature the voltage and cell temperature of PV array, and monitor the lightning protection status and output on-off state by M&C modules.

Identify its ambient to provide fuse break alarm of PV array box and send the message to local monitor system and upper monitor system.

Lightning protection for external ports.

Download data of local monitor device and analyze it.

220V input voltage or PV array box self contained power, if the latter one, there is no need of wiring for power supply.

Twistedpair shielded communication, wireless communication or carrier communication. If the last two ones, there is need of wiring for communication.


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