Performance & Merit

1. The control  box are made of PC materials, which are in good appearance and suitable for assembling.

2. It has the performance of dustproof and corrosion prevention. With great variety of products and flexible packaging.

3. They are widely used in industrial and mining establishments and cabins for controlling and indicating.


Operating & Installation Conditions

1 Operational temperation:-5°c – +40°c the average value less than +35°c in 24 hours
2 Altitude: less than 2000m
3 Atmosphere condition : when the maximum temperature is +40 °c ,the Operational humidity is less than 50%,allow higher humidity in cooler environments.
4 Pollution degree:3 level
5 Installs Category: II
6 No significant Shaking,no impact vibration and no snow or rain
7 No explosive media,the Gas and dust can’t corroding metal and damage the insulation


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