Meba digital temperature controller XMTD

The XMT series meter,compared to traditional XC series moving coil meter and TDW meter,owns merits of high precision,strong shock resistance ability,good reliability,simple installation,clear reading,no parallax and long distance observation support has two digits,three digits,time proportion type,silicon controlled concessive adjusting function,PID type etc and can be added overrun alarm function according requirement on adjusting mode and its renewed product based on XC series product,widely used for -2001800 temperature measure and auto control of different industries such as metallurgy,textile,machinery,oven,refrigeration chemical industry, medical treatment and so on, and also can be used for parameters measure,display and control when equipped to sensor.

Meba digital temperature controller XMTD

Our SG series temp controller  totally adopts imported elements with small volume, light weight, beautiful outline, good reliability, strong shock resistance and anti-jamming. It is widely used and can absolutely replace imported meter of same category.

Meba digital temperature controller XMTD

Technical Parameter:

Input Signal Thermocouple(xx1type)RTD(xx2type)voltage(xx3type)resisance(xx4type)current(xx5type)
Adjusting Mode Two digits adjusting(x0xtype)three digits adjusting(x2xtype)Time proportion adjusting(x6xtype)silicon controlled zero cross(x7xtype)silicon controlled three phases zero cross(x8xtype)PID adjusting(x9xtype)
Outline&installing dimension Outline dimension 160×80mm installing dimension 152×76mm
Rated voltage of power supply AC220V±10%  50/60Hz
Precison Display precision 0.1 class,control precision may reach ±1
Work environment Temperature 050,relative hunidity≤85%
Output capacity of contact Relay connection point 5A 250VAC,voltage of no connection point DC12V for SSR use
Proportion cycle Relay:30secs,no connection point:2 secs.
Power consumption ≤5W
Temperature range Thermocouple 01800    RTD -200600

XMT digital temperature controlller XMT digital temperature controller


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