Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker(ELCB), Residual Current Device(RCD), Residual Current Circuit Breaker(RCCB)
Brand Name: Meba
Model Number: M
Type: Residual Current Circuit Breaker or Residual Current Device
Poles Number: 2P


1.  M series Residual Cur rent Devices for earth leakage detection.

2. It is to be used in association with miniature circuit breakers, its function is to detect earth leakage current and open the connected circuit to protect people and equipment, major used in industrial application.

3. These devices are designed to meet the Earth Leakage Protection Standards of the IEC: IEC/EN 61008.


Good quality , high breaking capability, updated structure,quick trip and guide installation, competitive price,excellent and safe performance,beautiful and compact appearance, etc .

1. Electromagnetic and Electronic type
2. 35mm wide for 2 pole Din Rail installation.
3. Standsrd: IEC1008/EN61008
4. Rated Voltage(Un): 2pole, 230V AC
5. Rated Current(In): 25, 40, 63A
6. Rated residual operating current(I△n): 30, 100, 300, 500mA
7. Rated residual non-operating current(I△no): 0.5 I△n
8. Residual current off-time: ≤0.1s
9. Minimum value of rated breaking capacity(lm): 630A
10. Rated conditional short-circuit capacity (lnc): 6KA

[Download not found] Meba Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers tripping M  is precise in structure, less elements, without auxiliary power and high working reliability.


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