Meba-explosion proof floodlight-BC91


Meba explosion proof floodlight BC91 is a light which applies LED technology, a kind of application without making any noise. With good protection Ni-Cd battery, its using life can be extended till a long time. Energy-saving and highly-qualified.


1) Building (architecture or home) decoration.
2) Car decoration
3) Amusement park and theater lighting
4) Emergency hallway lighting
5) Shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, meeting room and advertisement signs backlighting

1)Full fire-resistant Material, constant current charge
2)Over-charge and over discharge protected
3)Long-life non-corrosive Ni-CD battery
4)Easy to be maintained, convenient to operate, safe and reliable
5)Designed according to Chinese GB17945-2000 standard, CE standard
6)Widely used in modern hotels, shops and other public places, security evacuation and guide
7)Power supply: AC 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
8)Switching time: <0.25S
9)Recharging time: <24 hours
10)Illumination time: >90 minutes (or design according to the client’s need )
11)Light source: LED
12)Sight distance: 20m
13)Installing stype: Wall-hanging mount
14)Various designs available

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