Meba-explosion proof fluorescent lamp-BC5400

Meba explosion proof fluorescent lamp BC5400, an explosion led light which can be instantly started as soon as  the main circuit is cut off and powered by the emergent batteries. Also, it can be controlled with external switches.  It divides into two types: one is emergent light combination, the other one is purely emergent light. For the first one, it can work normally as long as the power is on, at the same time, it owns emergent functions when it is cut off. For the latter one, it usually is on the “OFF” condition.

Wattage(w) 1×8/2×8 1×16/2×16 Ex grade
Power supply(w) 170V~250V Ex edq II C T4 DIP A20 TA,T6
Luminous flux(lm) 880/1760 1760/3520
Average Usefull Time(h) 80000
IP Grade IP65
Cable Diameter Ø10mm – Ø14mm
Net weight Single tube 5.4kgs
Double tube 6.1kgs
1)High efficiency T8 LED light source ensures 50% energy saving comparing with T8 fluorescent tube.
2)Trapezium out shape combines with return air system design according to optical principles,
featuring gentle light, even lighting, glare free or overshadow. It can effectively avoid visual fatigue to operators during the operation.
3)The case use special high hardness light alloy material.The surface have been subjected to electro static spraying.
4)T5 fluorescent light source is available on request. It can provide 30% energy saving than T8 fluorescent.
5)There is connecting wire cavity in the lamp.Customers can connect the wire directly when install the lamp.
6)Only open up the cover,customers can replace the bulb.
7)We can assemble emergency device to the lamp as customers’ request.The lamp will shift to emergency illuminating automatically when power fails.
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