Meba-explosion proof lamp-KL6LM


Meba explosion proof lamp KL6LM is suitable for mineral industry,tunnel projects,construction and maintenance for power, communication,highway,railway at night,night lamp for cutting off rubber plant and absorbing mucus and for lighting a flood,rescuing and marine use.

Battery (Nickel hydrogen)

Battery adpot high performance high-capacity enviromental battery,Part of battery has temperature device and over-current protection device ,top battery has short-circuit protection device.When miners lamp occured a short-circuit,it can cut off the power source within one millisecond 1ms and After the fault remove, the short-circuit device auto resume to normal working state.therefor it is very safe for miners.The cable has stretch-proof ,fire resistance function.The battery has IP54 waterproof class.

Charger:Nickel hydrogen

The charger is developed specialized for nickel hydrogen battery ,it adpot intelligent one core controller,it is improved lifetime and safety for battery.The charger light displays yellow when it gets electricity,it displays red when it is charging,it displays green when it is over-charging.If battery is over-discharging,it will use small battery to repair charging ,then it is going into normal charging .


Technical Data

No Item Unit Data
1 Rated capacity Ah 6
2 Nominal voltage V 3.65
3 Lighting time h 25
4 LEDlight source Rated voltage V 4.3
Main light source/power mA/W 250
Auxiliary light source mA 130
5 Max illuminance at 1m Begin lighting Lx 4500
Lighting 11h Lx 3000
6 Weight g 750
7 Nos of battery cycle times 500
8 Carton packing roll/CNT 15
9 Packing size cm 48*37*29.5
10 With charger pcs 1

1. High quality

2. Popular in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Kosovo, USA, UK, Turkey and so on

3. CE, EXSI, ISO certificates.

4. LED : less energy and super brightness LED

5. Battery : safety lithium ion battery

6. Small in size, light in weight, free maintenance, explosion prevention, waterproof, long life

7. Lighting time : more than 23h, double light source design

8. Charger AC input : AC110 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz DC output : DC4.2V,1A

9. Working temperature : -10 ~ 45 degrees

10. Relative air humidity : <= 95% +- 3RH

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