Meba-explosion proof platform light-BC9330


Meba explosion proof platform light BC9330, an explosion led light which can be instantly started as soon as  the main circuit is cut off and powered by the emergent batteries. Also, it can be controlled with external switches.  It divides into two types: one is emergent light combination, the other one is purely emergent light. For the first one, it can work normally as long as the power is on, at the same time, it owns emergent functions when it is cut off. For the latter one, it usually is on the “OFF” condition.

This product is an ideal lighting solution for the explosive and flammable places, such as the petrochemical  device, oil platform, gas station, oil pump station, oil transmission station, etc. Safe to use in Zone 1,  Zone 2 explosive gas environment.

Technical Data:


1.World famous brand light source and electrical appliance, with stable performance. It can give more 20% light over the other manufacturers.

2.The average service life of the bulb is over 10,000 hours .Therefore it is low maintenance.

3.The housing is made of aluminium alloy and have strong resistant to corrosion, water and dust, suitable to various harsh environments.The surface is subjected to the electro static treatment ,that enhance the anti corrosion performance.

4.Easy to maintenance.

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