Meba fuse  breaker MBI12-100, this disconnector switch (isolating switch) is applicable to the distribution of controlling circuit with rated frequency of AC50 or 60Hz and rated voltage of 400V or less. It is mainly used as the main switch in terminal combined electric appliances, or to control various kinds of motors, low power electric apparatus and lighting devices. It is mainly applied in industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, and commercial districts of dwelling houses with higher thermal dynamic stability. Meba fuse to breaker MBI12-100, complies with IEC60947-3 and GB14048.3 (requirements for combined electrics of LV switchgear, controlling equipments LV switch, isolator, isolating switch and fuse).

Meba fuse breaker MBI12-100

Technical parameters:

1.Frame size rated current Inm:100A

2.Rated voltage Ue:50HZ,230v/400V

3.Rated current In:40A,63A,80A,100A.

4.Rated short time withstand capacity:25KA(connect with 100A fuse for protection)

5.Pole number:1P,2P,3P,4P.

6.Life:operating cycle is 10000 times,there into 1500 times of load; operating frequency is 120 times/h.

7.Use type:AC-22

8.Protection grade:IP20



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