Meba GLH12 13 13B Retaining means Power cut off switch holding a series of locks Power Switch,GLH universal change Switch Series is a derivative product.Padlocks living machine used mainly for the power cut called the continuous position ( “O” and “OFF” position) and access to location ( “1”, “ON”) can be used Padlocks locked.Misoperation to prevent and control the operation of non-authorized personnel.

1.PadlocksSwitchspecifications pm20A Current grades.
(1) Switch-20A which is the size of the remaining specifications for the panel.Face Switch can use and three suspended lock Face beginning Padlocks can be put to use two.
2.Padlocks type Switch By Uses pmGeneral and Pressing two.

Meba GLH12 13 13B Retaining means Power cut off switch



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