Meba HZ10D Combination Switch primarily for the exchange of 50Hz.Rated voltage380V and below, voltage DC 220V and below,Rated circuit current to 100A, not for frequent manual connect.Breaking with mixed load current resistance circuit inductance switch resistance, a small AC motor control.Meet standards GB14048.3 products.

Meba HZ10D Combination Switch


1.By Uses pm Single Power Switch Power circuit for two or two then Switch (codenamed p) Third Circuit Switching Switch (codenamed S) Fourth Circuit Switching Switch (codenamed G) Motor control small-capacity Switch (codenamed N)

2.According to the minutes of board installed after the wiring-board front-\

3.Very few hours by single Very, Very double, three Very, Very 4 4.According to a number of sub-section, section 15, section 40, section 5, section 6.

Meba HZ10D Combination Switch

Modelsspecifications HZ10D HZ10D-25 HZ10D-63 HZ10D-100
Rated voltage insulation UiV 380 380 380 380
Current development agreement heat1thA 10 25 63 100
Rated voltage V 220 380 220 380 220 38 220 380
AC-3 3 6.3
AC-20A/21A/22A 10 25 63 100
DC-20A/21A 10 63 100
Rated power (AC-3) P 1.1 2.2
Operation CycleAC-22A Unladen 1000 1000 5000 5000
Load 1000 1000 5000 5000
Total 2000 2000 10000 10000

Mechanical life and Life
Life:AC-3When0.5104Meeting,Operating Frequency of120Meeting/Hour


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