Industrial Solid State Relay it is a new type of non-contact switching device completely composing of solid electric elements. It’s adopts the switching characteristic of high power audion, power field effect tube, one-way and two-way controllable silicon and module to make and break the circuit without contact or spark.


1.input signal could make compute terminal and digital logic circuit compatible.
2.Optical isolation between input and output circuit, with isolating.
3.Withstand voltage of 400V
4.Two specifications: zero-crossing triggering and random triggering.
5.LED indication for working condition.
6.Built-in resistance-capacitance absorption circuit.
7.Dielectric withstanding voltage:>2KV
8.Dielectric insulating strength: >50MΩ
9.Actuation time: ON>10ms/OFF<10ms
10.Working environment: -20℃~+70℃


1. SSR serious solid state relay adopts flame resistant engineering plastic case,epoxy resin encapsulation,screw thread educting terminal connection.

2. With high-strengh structure, impluse resistance,high shock resistance performance,small driving current for input terminal and covenient connection with computer terminal and digital control circuit,

3. The product is widely used in automatization control fields such as petroleum,chemica industry,instrument and meter,pharmacy machine,food machine,packaging machine,textile machine,plastics machine,numerical control lathe,entertainment facility,ect,

4. Especially for severe environment full of corrosion and moisture or requiring explosion-proofand dust resistance or place demanding frequent switching.

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Part NO. MBA3200ZF MBD6200ZF
Description Single-phase Industrial SSR Single-phase Industrial SSR
Control Voltage 90-280VDC 3-32VDC
Control Current 5-25mA 5-25mA
Turn-on Voltage 3VDC 3VDC
Turn-off Voltage 1VDC 1VDC
Reverse Voltage 32VDC 32VDC
Load Voltage 75-440VAC 75-660VAC
Load Current 100A,120A,150A,200A,250A,300A,350A 100A,120A,150A,200A,250A,300A,350A
On-state Voltage Drop <1.6VAC <1.6VAC
ON-OFF Time ≤10mS ≤10mS
Off-state Leakage Current ≤10mA ≤10mA
Dielectrics Voltage-resistance ≥2500VAC ≥2500VAC
Insulation Resistance 500MΩ 500VDC testing 500MΩ 500VDC testing
Ambient temperature -30~80°C -30~80°C
Dimensions 94L*34W*43H 94L*34W*43H
Indicated Methods LED LED
Installation Screw fixing Screw fixing
Packing Inner Box (PCS) 1 1
Outer CTN (PCS) 60 60
CTN Size 380*215*175mm 380*215*175mm
Weight 235g/pcs  G.W:15.5kg  N.W:14.5kg
Remarks 1.Load current>10A ,a radiator is necessary,Load current>80A, fan is necessary.
2.When controlling inductive load, a varistor is necessary and its voltage could be 1.6-1.9 times of load voltage

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