Isolator MB18 made by Meba

Meba isolator MB18, adopts advanced design technology, it has protective function as shortage as overload, and are used in lighting distribution system industry, commerce and dwelling, and protecting fractional electric motors, and they also have many merits of high protective grade(up to IP20), high breaking capacity, reliable sensitive action, convenient, multiple assembling, long life etc. They are mainly adapted to the circuit of AC 50Hz, 230V in single pole; 400V in double, three, four poles for protecting overload and short circuit, meanwhile they are also used in turning on or off the electric apparatus and lighting circuit under the normal condition.

Isolating Switch for use as a switch disconnector in all types of circuit.

Complies with :

– IEC 60947-3 (In 16 to 100A)

– EN 669.1 (In 16 to 63A)

  • Pole No: 1,2,3,4
  • Rated current(A): 16,25,40,63,80,100
  • Rated voltage: 230/400V AC
  • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated short-circuit making capacity: 3000A
  • Rated withstand current: 1500A within 1sec
  • Electro-mechanical endurance: 10000 cycles
  • Connection capacity: Rigid conductor 35mm

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