Meba kwh meter digital DDS223 adopts a large scale of integrated circuits and SMT technology, whole screen and anti-jamming structure, its technical performance are completely conform to national standard GB/T 17215-1998 and international standard IEC1036. There are LED display and register Display, install in meter box indoors or out doors. Single phase electronic watt-hour meter adopt exclusive use LSI and advanced SMT technology, the key component is all well-known brands abroad and long life.The datas couldnot loss during power failure.The meter has the features of good reliability, high loading,low power consumption,and powerful anti-disturbing capability.

Major function

Measure the AC active energy of positive direction and reversed direction,the energy of reversed direction will be measured according to positive direction.

Adopt photoelectric isolated technology,which output pulse signal, power supply will be can instructed by light emitting diode.

LCD display or LED display can be selected

Have anti-theft functionOptional

– High reliability, low power loss, high accuracy, wide load capacity
– Can accurately measure active energy power from positive direction and negative direction, and accumulative total in the same direction, and has function of anti-stealing electricity
– Adopt photo-electricity coupling no power pulse output, and indication using electricity by LBD, and can realize collecting reading meter so as to control using electricity and management. It is used for measuring active energy power loss in frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz single phase AC electricity net and which is installed in meter box indoors or outdoors
– Voltage(V): 200V
– Rated current(A): 1.5(6), 1.5(9), 2.5(10), 3(12), 5(20), 5(30), 10(40), 15(60), 20(80) 20(100), 0(100)
– Current insulation performance: AC voltage 2KV for 1 minute impulse voltage 3kV

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