Meba-large power resource lamp-ZW3100B


Meba large power resource lamp ZW3100B, an explosion led light which can be instantly started as soon as  the main circuit is cut off and powered by the emergent batteries. Also, it can be controlled with external switches.  It divides into two types: one is emergent light combination, the other one is purely emergent light. For the first one, it can work normally as long as the power is on, at the same time, it owns emergent functions when it is cut off. For the latter one, it usually is on the “OFF” condition.

This product is widely used as mobile lighting for all kinds of night work tasks,repairing,inspection ,constructon ,and accident relief etc .

Technical Data

Specification unit ZW3100B




Rated Voltage V 24 12
Rated Power W 100/35 35
Rated capacity Ah 12 24
Light Output


lm 2500/850 3200


h 3.5/10 8
recharging time h 9 9
Service life of bulb h ≥1200 10000
Battery Recharge Cycle ≈1000 ≈1000
Dimension mm 255x250x610 255x250x610
Net weight Kg 13. 5 13. 5

1.The hosing is made of PC and aluminium alloy ,can stand strong impact.It is waterproof.

2.ZW3100B:halogen bulb,the high intensity light and low intensity light are switchable .

3.The head of the lamp can be rotated 360° horizontally and 135° vertically.

4.Tripod is optional .The tripod is extendable within 1.2-3 meters .

5.The wheel is optional ,it enable the lamp move easily on the rail .

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