Meba LCD Voltage Regulator SVC-C 500VA


1. SVC-C(LCD type) series intelligent AC stabilized voltage supply is the second generation product developed by our company.

2. It adopts 8-digit CPU manufactured by world-famous samsung company, its voltage stabilizing precision and delllay time can be set according to need.

3. With protection functions of time lag, over voltage inverse time – delay, under-voltage, overload, excess temperature, mechanical fault, etc.

4. This type of product has characteristics of liquid crystal display,blue screen backlight and interface dynamic display, it can display the real time working state of the machine, when there is any abnormal, the interface will display relative indications accompanied with long or short alarming sound.


For office equipment, testing equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliance, lighting system, communication system, etc. Provide kinds of electrical appliances with abundant electric power meeting different requirements.


Input voltage Single-phase 160V-250V Overload protection value 2.8 time of rated power
Output voltage 0.5KVA-3KVA:Single-phase220Vand 110V5KVA-30KVA: Single-phase 220V Protection value for excess temperature 90
Accuracy of voltagestabilization At 220V, ±1% ±3% ±5%At 110V, ±2% ±6% ±10% Load power factor 0.8
Adjusting time Input voltage changes for 10%,it is 1s
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Waveform distirtion No additional waveform distortion
Delay time Long 180s, short 5s Dielectric strength 1,500V/min
Over-voltageProtection value 250V/delay 5S;
275V/delay 2S295V/delay 1S;
305V/delay 0S
Insulation resistanceInsularion class ≥2MClass E
Uder-voltageProtection value 180V/delay 5S Working environment Tem: -5%~+40Humidity:90%


Model and Specification:

Spec.(KVA) Product size DXWXH(cm) Package size DXWXH(cm) Weight(kg) Qty
SVC-C 0.5 27X15X19 42X32X47 5 4
SVC-C 1 27X15X19 42X32X47 6.5 4
SVC-C 1.5 27X15X19 42X32X47 7.5 4
SVC-C 2 26X24X19 34X32X50 14 2
SVC-C 3 29X22X24 62X38X34 16 2
SVC-C 5(Vertical ) 29X24X42 29X24X40 31X29X48 28.5 40 1 1
SVC-C15 SVC-C 10(Vertical ) 40X33X65 40X35X52 75 1
SVC-C20 58X35X68 52X45X74 110 1
SVC-C30 48X40X96 70X47X68 165 1
SVC series voltagstabilizers special for household appliances 2 33X33X13 60X52X106 38X38X20 11 1
3 33X33X13 38X38X20 14 1
5 43X34X15 52X42X25 21 1
8 50X36X18 60X44X32 32 1
10 50X36X18 60X44X32 37.5 1

[Download not found] SVC-C 10KVA LCD Voltage Regulator  suit for office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household lighting system, communication system, etc.


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