Meba led floodlight ZY8140 is widely applicable to the floodlighting of the roads or passages for the plants, stations, large facilities, stadiums, tunnels and bridges . It can be used for normal lighting, as well as emergency power fail illumination for emergency cases. ZY8140B is only applied for emergency lighting and is usually off. Both Type A and Type B can start the emergency lighting automatically during the power outrage.They can also be connected with external switch which controlling the emergency lighting manually.

CREE LED workshop light lamp floodlight
emergency lighting time:18W/150min,36W/90min
180degree turn angle
Technical Data


Rated Voltage  AC220V/24V/36V
Lighting Time in Emergency  18W/150min
Ingress Grade  IP65
Anti corrosion Grade  WF2
Insulation Grade   I
Cable Diameter  Ø8mm – Ø10mm
Dimension  370 ×279×136mm
Weight  3.6Kg






Model No.

Light Source

Rated Wattage(W)

luminous flux(Lm)

Light source service life(h)

















· It uses LED light source, with very excellent heat radiation effects, effectively solving the problem of too fast weakening of the light source due to too high temperature .

· The LED light source is expected to last the product lifetime.The average service life of the light source is over 100,000 hours.Therefore it is very low maintenance.

· The LED light source can save almost 90% energy comparing with the incandescent and 60% over the energy saving lamp.

· Adjustable lock is designed for the bracket, especially suitable for places with large vibration.

· The buckle design is applied for the lamp body, very easy to install and repair.

· The shell is made of light alloy material and the surface is subjected to the spraying treatment.all of them ensure the strong resistant to corrosion, water and dust.It is applicable to various harsh environments.

· It can be mounted in pedestal, on ceiling or side wall, and the lamp is adjustable with in 180 degrees vertically.

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