Meba lightning arrester types MBD5-120(hereinafter called SPD) is suitable for the IT, TT, TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S and etc power supply system of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 380V and below, to protect from lightning impulse and other transient over voltage, it is applica ble in class I lightning proof system where there has higher danger of lightning strikes As per the conditions of IEC61643-1:1998-02 standard, Class I surge protective device, it is category B surge protective device. SPD meets with GB18802.1/IEC61643-1 standards.

Operation Elements
Fast response time: less than 25ns
Low limited voltage
Large current carrying capacity
Normal state: white color, invalid state: red color
Kelvin wiring mode available.


– Category B surge protective device (SPD), used in the connection between equal potential electrodes while thunder occur.
– Generally to be installed in low voltage main incoming distribution panel, overhead incoming.
– To adopt 35mm standard mounting rail for SPD mounting.
– When to place an order, please indicate the model, specification and quantity of SPD.
– It shall adopt 10 – 35mm2 copper conductor to be connected with SPD, earthing wire shall be dual color multi-st rand s oft copper conductor more than 16mm2.

Meba lightning arrester types MBD5-120

The Contact

SPD can provide the NO contact for remote communication, if one or more modules of SPD is invalid, the NO and NC contact will be closed and send fault information.

Model and Signification

Technical Parameter

Model and specification MBD5-100 MBD5-120 MBD5-150
Maxi continuous operating voltage 420 385 275 420 385 320 275 420 385 320 275
Voltage protective level 2.5 2.3 1.8 2.5 2.3 2.0 1.8 3.5 3.0 2.5 2
Maxi discharging current 100 120 150
Nominal discharging current 50 60 80
Response time <25
Protection grade IP20
Indication of invalidation Aging invalidation: white: Normal, red: invalidation
Application Primary protection for in line
Remote signal Function Can also picking
Remarks Other maxi continuous operating voltage Uc175,440,690V Can be customized

Outside Size Fig


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