Meba lightning arrestor MBD1-RC40 (hereinafter called SPD)  in order to meet with user demand, we developed new generation MBD1-R series protector with built- in circuit breaking device, to limit surge current, overvoltage, over-current occurred in the power system due to some reasons, working in the system of AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380V and below to prevent surge voltage from damaging electric equipment.

MBD1-R series protector has integrated short circuit protective function in its SPD module, fuse not needed again, it can be mounted on 35mm railway, compared with normal combination of fuse + SPD module, there has following advantages:
– Residual voltage reduce more than 50%, for normal combination, fuse body and connected conductor have inductance, and will result in residual voltage, but MBD1-R series almost has no residual voltage at this case, therefore it can get better result of protecting equipment.
– Easy installation, saving space, saving installation cost in cabinet.
– Quicker response speed, comprehensive performance being improved.
– Better N point: no matter which step of circuit, there has shortest distance for discharging surge current, residual voltage decrease more.

Operation Elements
Fast response time: less than 25ns
Low limited voltage
Large current carrying capacity
Normal state: white color, invalid state: red color
Kelvin wiring mode available.

Meba lightning arrestor MBD1-RC40

Model and Signification

Technical Parameter

Model and specification MBD1-RD10 MBD1-RD20 MBD1-RC40 MBD1-RB60 MBD1-RB80
Rated working voltage Un(AC) AC220V/AC380V
Maxin continuous operating voltage AC385V/AC420V
Nominal discharging current In 10 20 40 30 40
Max discharging current Imax 5 10 20 60 80
Protective level Up (kV) 1.0/1.2 1.2/1.5 1.5/1.8 1.8/2.0 2.0/2.5
Pole combination 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 1P+NPE, 3P+NPE
Response time tA ≤25ns
Outline size mm (L*H*W) 135*73*18n Pole number
Protective grade IP20
Indication of invalidation Aging invalidation: white: Normal, red: invalidation Short circuit invalidation: red LED shining.
Remote signaling function Able to provide if required.
Remark Other maxi continuous working voltage Uc (AC) 175V 275V 320V, can be supplied if required.

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