Meba LW28A(LW39A) Rotary Switch is the development of new universal change Switch and the product pleasing.Very convenient wiring, the internal movements of all components are designed bearings, and so moves feeling very Sophie,Switchlife longer applicable to the exchange of products 50-60Hz voltage 690V and below.DC 440V and the following circuit can be used in high voltage electrical machinery, machine tools, electrical equipment, as well as modern Chinese intelligent packages.
Normal working conditions:

1. Ambient air temperature does not exceed +40, and the average temperature does not exceed its 24 +35;
2. ambient air temperature does not exceed the limit of -5;
3. installation location at an altitude of less than 2000m;
4.+40 maximum temperature, relative humidity of the air does not exceed a lower temperature can allow a higher relative humidity.For example, when 90% of 20. Temperature changes due to the Dewing occasional special measures to be taken. GLE9 series Switchspecifications complete,20A,25A,32A,63A there.Current grades such as 125A and 160A.Switchspecifications past, a single universal change, Rated current small,Only 16A.GLE9 Series Switch is small in size, function, compact structure, material stress.

Meba LW28A(LW39A) Rotary Switch

Meet standards:Circuit switch used to control and direct conversion Switch with GB14048.3-1993 use. Use master control switchSwitchWithGB14048.5-1993.

3.1 Use master control switch Models Meaning


3.2 Use master control switch Models Meaning


Note : The direct conversion Switch control motors commonly used 60 change.



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