Meba-maintenance free light-BC9200


Meba maintenance free light BC9200, an explosion led light which can be instantly started as soon as  the main circuit is cut off and powered by the emergent batteries. Also, it can be controlled with external switches.  It divides into two types: one is emergent light combination, the other one is purely emergent light. For the first one, it can work normally as long as the power is on, at the same time, it owns emergent functions when it is cut off. For the latter one, it usually is on the “OFF” condition.

This product is approved for safe use in various explosive and flammable fields such as petroleum ,chemical industry ,metallurgy,etc .

Technical Data

Input Voltage AC(90- 264)V, AC/DC(18-40V)
Output Voltage  DC14 to 14.5V
Frequency 47 to 63Hz
Anti corrosion Grade WF2
Insulation Grade I
spacing height ratio 1.2
Cable Diameter Φ 6mm~ Φ8mm
Dimension Φ 147×140mm
Weight 1.3kg

1)Light Source: American CREE LED,save almost 90% on energy than the incandescent lamp and 60% on energy over the energy saving lamp.

2)Long Service Life: with the average service life as long as 100,000 hours,maintenance free.

3)Multi-voltage: 90 to 264VAC or 18 to 40V

4)Feature: LED anti dazzle lens, making the light more gentle, glare free. It will not cause weariness to the operators’ eyes.

5)The housing is made of aluminium alloy. With the surface electrostatic spraying treatment, it is anti corrosion.

6)Multi-mounting options: Ceiling mounted, wall mounted etc.·

7)The PC transparency has a high light transmissivity ,perfect impact resistance ,designed to withstand the harsh industrial applications.

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