Meba mcb breaker MB47 type series miniature circuit breaker applies to industrial, commercial, lighting and electric machine distribution system with AC415V, 50/60Hz, rated working current up to 100A to protect against overload and short circuit. The item is installed into plug-in type mounting base. It’s conformity with GB10963, IEC60898 standards.

Meba mcb breaker MB47 type

Technical parameters

Tropicalization Relative Humidity 93% RH at 25
50% RH at 40
Room Temperature -5 a 40
Electrical Properties Rated at 40 A 6/10/16/20/25/32/40/50/63
Rated operating voltage at 40 Vac 240/415
Nominal Frequency Hz 50/60
Interrupting Capacity at 230V kA 6
Operating temperature 40
Degree of Protection IP20
Number of poles 1/2/3/4
Conductor cross section (minimum allowable) mm2 25
Minimum number of power moves 4000
Minimum number of mechanical operations 8000
Operation curve B/C/D
Current Trip Curve A Type B: 3 a 5 In
Type C: 5 a 10 In
Type D: 10 a 14 In
Characteristic Intervention attach
Type Of Assembly FOR RIEL DIN 35 mm
Features MAGNETIC COIL: ensures the switching of short-circuit, speaking within the following ranges: 5 to 10 times rated current (Type C), 3 to 5 times rated current ( Type B ), 10 to 14 times rated current ( Type D )
BIMETAL: ensures the breaker trip when overloaded.
ARC CHAMBER: effectively dissipates the electric arc that is generated by the opening contacts of the trigger mechanism in the presence of an overload or short circuit.
Present Certificates CE CB
ISO 9001-2000 awarded by the competent certification body, Meba is qualified in the manufacturing of the object
IEC 60898 standards in the manufacture of the goods
Curve compliance issued Shot by an accredited laboratory for effect



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