Meba mccb elcb MB9DPN  applicable to protect line-conductor against overload, and short circuit of small sealed motors. It is main for protection of circuits with AC 220V and 50Hz/60Hz, and for un-frequent conversion under normal conditions as well. Meba mccb elcb MB9DPN  action can be up to two poles with its only one pole volume and be used as a leakage breaker by assembling with leakage. Meba mccb elcb MB9DPN  is produced as IEC60898.

Meba mccb elcb MB9DPN

Technical parameters:


1.For protecting cables and equipments against overload and short circuit.

2.General rules for choosing MCB.

a. Technical date of network at the point considered:

The earthing systems,short-circuit current at the circuit breaker installation point ,which must always be less than the breaking capacity of this device,network normal voltage.

b. There are 2 curve characteristic for magnetic operation:

B  curve(3-5 ln)protection and control of the circuits against length cables in TN and IT systems.

C  curve(5-10 ln)protection and control of the circuits against  overloads  and short-circuits;

protection for resistive and inductive loads with low inrush current.

 Main specification:

1. Current rating: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32A ,40A,50A,63A

2. Voltage rating: 220/240V AC

3. Breaking capacity to IEC 60898: 4500A,6000A

4. Number of operating cycles(O-C): 20000

5. Tripping characteristics:

B curve: The magnetic release operate between 3 and 5 In

C curve: The magnetic release operate between 5 and 10 In


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