Meba multifunctional led flash lamp BW7620A is applicable to mobile lighting in Zone 0 explosive and flammable places. And  is used for mobile lighting during the inspection, examination and rescue in the fields of network power, railway, petrochemical, oil field, and various industrial mines.

1.applied to hazardous place
2.explosion proof,water proof
3.high efficiency
4.LED high light torch
5.light weight

Technical Data


Description Unit BW7620A Value BW7620B Value
Light Source LED Power W 3 1
luminous flux Lm 180 70
Useful time h 100,000 100,000
Battery Rated capacity mAh 4000 4000
Rated voltage V 3.7 3.7
Time of charging h 8 8
Useful time Recycled 500 times 500 times
Charger input voltage V AC100-240 AC100-240
output voltage V DC4.5 DC4.5
Output current A 1 1
Lighting time h High intensity light7h/worklight28h High intensity light14h/work time28h
Efficient range m 120 70
Temperature °C -20°C-40°C -20°C-40°C
Dimension mm 217.3×105.8×87 217.3×105.8×87
Net weight g 370 370

. It uses LED lighting source.

. Charging voltage: AC100V-AC240V  50Hz/60Hz.

.Lithium battery for charging.

.Its focus is adjustable. The head can also be regulated in any angle within 0~130. It has frequency flashover function and can realize long-distance signal communication.

.The low intensity light and high intensity light can be shifted freely.

.Magnet is used for absorption. With water-proof design, it can float on water.

.It can be used on rainy days.


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