1. PE, Polyethylene, good pliability, transparence, extensibility, resist dissolve, radiation . Working Temperature: – 40°C to 65°C
2. PA, Polyamide 66, 94V-2 grade. inflaming retarding, good resist dissolve, good bounce impact force,
3.  Working Temperature: – 30°C to 110°C
4.  Brass, screw is Iron plated zinc.
5. Voltage: 250 – 450V
6. Color: Neutral as standard

Screw: Iron plated zinc
We can according to customer supply different size,such as,different length,width,hole.  Brass bar,high strength and hardness,wear-resisting property high,chemical resistance good .Natural, Nickle Plated, Tin Plated or any coating ..

Product description:

The present of Busbar changed the outdated connection ways of miniature circuit breaker(MCB) to a new connection way with the characteristic of wider contact area, lower power consumption and low temperature-rise.

Our company produces almost all kinds of busbars of MCB, which have good versatility and practicability. It has advantages of security and convenience to install and widely used in construction electrical devices such as low-voltage power box, distribution box, illuminated bo0x and so on.

Sectioncross Of Bass (W * H) Wiring Hole Way (m) Pressure line screws (m)
6*8 5 133 M4*8
6*9 5.2 133 M4*8
8*8 5.2 133 M4*8
7*9 5.2 133 M4*10
9*9 5.5 116 M5*10
8*10 6 116 M5*10
8*12 6.2 116 M5*10
10*10 6 116 M5*10
14*14 7 109 M6*12
16*16 9 78 M6*12
3*15 43 M8*10
3*20 43 M8*10
3*25 43 M8*10
3*30 43 M8*10

Meba One Meter Copper Terminal Block MBCT015 Pressure line screws is M8*10, one meter copper termianl block has 43 holes.


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