Model explanation of proximity switch:

Meba G12 model


Number Composition Code and Definition
1 Switch catalogue G: Photoelectric sensor
2 Outward appearance code ■: Cylinder type;
F: Angular column type and plane installation type
3 Working voltage 2: 90-250VAC ;3: 10-30VDC;
4: 12-240VDC/24-240VAC; 5: Special voltage
4 Detection distance 05: 5cm ; 10: 10cm; 30: 30cm; 101: 10m
5 Output form N: Three-line DC NPN output; P: Three-line DC PNP output;
L: Two-line DC output; ■: AC two-wire output;
J: Relay output; NP: NPN+PNP output
6 Output state A: NO; B: NC; C: NO+NC; MU: Mimic voltage; MI: Mimic current
7 Subsidiary functions T: With connector; Y: Water proof, oil proof;
I: Special requirement; H: High temp resistance; R: Ring type



SM series Hall sensor is a kind of magnet sensitive sensor consisting of voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, differential amplifier Schmidt trigger and the output pole of collector open circuit. Its input is the magnetic flux density. The output is a digital voltage signal.

Main features:

– Compact volume

– high precision of repeated location

– Diversified exterior structures

– Good performance of anti-interference.

– Many output forms

– High on-off frequency

– Wide voltage range

– Dust proof,vibration proof,water proof and oil proof.

– With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection.

– Long service life

 Technical Parameter(Photoelectric Switch G12):

Model NO. Detection distance Working voltage Output Detection way
Form State
G12 -3A 07NA 7cm DC10-30V NPN NO Diffuse type
G12 -3A 07NB 7cm DC10-30V NPN NC Diffuse type
G12 -3A 07PA 7cm DC10-30V PNP NO Diffuse type
G12 -3A 07PB 7cm DC10-30V PNP NC Diffuse type
G12-3B1NA 1m DC10-30V NPN NO Retroreflective
G12-3B1NB 1m DC10-30V NPN NC Retroreflective
G12-3B1PA 1m DC10-30V PNP NO Retroreflective
G12-3B1PB 1m DC10-30V PNP NC Retroreflective
G12 -3C 3NA 3m DC10-30V NPN NO Through beam
G12 -3C 3NB 3m DC10-30V NPN NC Through beam
G12 -3C 3PA 3m DC10-30V PNP NO Through beam
G12 -3C 3PB 3m DC10-30V PNP NC Through beam

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