1. Cable Float Switch uses one-step shaping injection molding with substantial structure, cheap price and long lifetime.

2. It has very good control effect for long distance, multiple level control, submerged pump or liquid with grain or block.Certainly it is also useful for normal liquid.

3. It uses Micro Switch to make connection output. Connection point capacity 10A/250VAC can start the motor equipment directly.

4. It can be regulated freely and easy to operate, convenient to install, safe and reliable, without maintenance, non-toxic and environment friendly.

5. It can resist sewage so that widely used in pool in resident, factories and mines ect., and ponds, barrel, manger and pot with oil, acid and alkali as well as the vessel with high viscosity and suspended substance.


• Low cost level switch made from Polypropylene

• Hermetically sealed double chamber construction

• Mercury-free micro switch

• Direct pump-control operation up to 1.1 KW,

• without external contactor

• Adjustable switch diff erential

• Switch rating 250 V AC –10A

• Temperature 200 C to 800 C

• Pressure MAX. 5 bar

• Protection IP68

Technical Parameter:

Product Name water level float switch
Electrical rate 250V/4A
Contact Mode SPDT, NO, NC
Working Temperature 0~60°C(PVC cable), 0~80°C(Rubber cable)
Protection grade IP 68
Float Material PP/PVC
Application water, sewage, acid-bases liquid 
Working Pressure ±0.5Mpa
CableMaterial PVC/rubber
Length 5m(standard); length could be customized
Conductor size 3×0.5m (standard);3*0.75m,3*1m㎡


Working Environment:

Rated voltage 250V (380V)
Rated current 10A (3A)
Working temperature 0°C to 80°C
Mechanical endurance ≥100,000times
Electrical endurance ≥50,000times
Protection setting IP68CS


How they work?
As the water rises, at a pre-determined level the switch turns on the pump. Once the level has been reduced to the level you set

Automatically turns On and Off

Adjustable switching level

Plugged models are simple to install
(no electrician required)


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