MBX-R/L two-stage circuit consists of gas discharging tube, pie zore-sistance and clamping diode, with advantages of large discharging capacity, short clamping time and low protection level.
MBX-R/L protector can be mounted on 35mm rail of different standard switching box or distribution box. It does not need screws for connecting with terminal.

Meba power surge MBX-R(L)24


Technical Parameter

Arrester MBX-R/L
Mounting position 13
Nominal voltage 5V 6V 12V 24V 48V
Max. continuous operating voltage 7V 9V 15V 30V 51V
Voltage protective level ≤13V ≤20V ≤30V ≤51V ≤100V
Rated loading current of category R 0.2A
Rated loading current of category L 1.0A
Nominal discharging current 10KA
Series connected resistance of each line of category R 15
Series connected inductance of each line of category L 100H
Cross sectional area of connected conductor 0.14-2.5mm2
Peel-off length for the wire to be connected 6-7mm
Color Grey
Material Fire resistant reinforced PC
Applicable standard GB18802.2 IEC61643-21

Outside Size Fig


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