Meba refrigerator temperature IL-80EN

Our IL-80EN  series meter totally adopts imported elements with small volume, light weight, beautiful outline, good reliability, strong shock resistance and anti-jamming. It can be widely used for temperature measure and auto control in different industries like plastic machinery, rubber machinery, packing machinery, dress, food and printing &dyeing etc.

Packing way: Standard export carton box

Certificate: CE


Meba refrigerator temperature control-MB-48S

Technical Parameter:

input signal K type, J type thermocouple
precision 1.5 class
adjusting rule two digits mode or time proportion mode
output relay, solid state relay
power supply AC 110V, 220V 50/60Hz
set range 0100%
display error 2.5%, 1.0%
switching difference 7.5%
time proportion adjusting 1.proportional band 3%10%
2.cycle time 3010secs
output contact capacity AC 220v 3A or 1A(sensibility)
work enviroment temperature 050 , place of relative humidity doesnt exceed 85% without corrosive gas

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