Sensor Connector RK Series

   outward appearance code                          RK02-2-3-N                  RK02-2-3-P      RK02-2-4-N        RK02-2-4-P
   Application     NPN    NO/NC       PNP      NO/NC    NPN     NO+NC      PNP   NO+NC
   Color             black / orange                black /orange           black /Orange        black/ orange
   Material             Cuzn. nickel plated          Cuzn. nickel plated        Cuzn, nickel plated    Cuzn. nickel plated
   Over-circuit                      4.0A                   4.0A              4.0A           4.0A
   Rated-voltage                     250V                  250V              250V           250V
   Cable material                      PVC                  PVC               PVC          PVC
   Insulator  color
   Output display                     LED                  LED               LED           LED
   Power indicator                     LED                  LED               LED           LED
   Cable length                     2m                   2m               2m
   Data                  bn, bu,bk            bn. bu ,bk       bn,bu,bk.wh          bn,bu,bk,wh
                3x 0.5           3 X 0.5          4 X 0.34          4 X0.34
   Protection level                 IP67                 IP67              IP67              IP67

Main features:
1. Compact volume
2. High precision of repeated location
3. Diversified exterior structures
4. Good performance of anti-interference
5. Many output forms
6. High on-off frequency
7. Wide voltage range
8. Dust proof, vibration proof, water proof and oil proof
9. With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection
10. Long service life


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