Meba square meter base GTFP-100A are manufactured from 1.2-1.5MM galvanized steel with a baked gary power polyester paint finish to improve corrosion resistance. Square meter base is also called square meter socket, and characterized with small customer service, temporary service and die cast aluminum.

The Die-cast Aluminium enclosure.Electrostatically applied epoxy and polyester resins,which are baked on.Gray color exterior.

The current carrying parts are made of phosphor copper.

The ground connector is designed to in sure a positive electrical connection by effectively clamping the conductor against a serrated surface.

Technical Data

ProductNumber Description  Outline Dimensions
GTFP-100A/4J 1Phase,100A 4jaw,ring type 226.5 194 111
GTFP-125A/4J 1Phase,125A4jaw,ringless type 324.2 219 116.2
GTFP-125A/5J 1Phase,125A5jaw ringless type 324.2 219 116.2


1. Standard meter sockets are manufactured from 1.2-1.5MM galvanized steel with a baked gary power polyester paint finish to improve corrosion resistance.

2.These meter socket suitable for single Phase,sevice voltage 600Vac Max.

3. Ample gutter space for easy wiring

4. Conveniet knockout in side back and bottom

5.Lay in type terminal with pressure plate for easy connections

6.Meter sockets are designed to accept conduit hubs from 1”-2-1/2”size

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