The acoustic-optical alarm module shall operate with module surge protective device, used in AC 50/60Hz, 220V/385V power supply system, the protection grade and number of poles (1P 2P 3P 4P) ar e determined by user.
Once power source module is out of operation, acoustic alarm sounds, red LED flash, meanwhile it will give a command signal to a terminal for alarm against in validity, which has NO, NC contacts, namely NC marked with 1, 2, NO marked with 1, 3; while alarming, push black button to cancel the alarm sound temporarily, red LED continue flashing, if fault module is not replaced, the acoustic alarm will sound again, afte r to replace the fault module, red LED go out, SPD return to normal operation.

Meba surge arrester MBD1A


Model and Signification

MBD1A-C series acoustic-optical alarm surge protective device
Disconnector built in SPD, when SPD is in-valid due to breakdown come from overheating, over-current, the disconnector will cut off the SPD automatically and give indication signal of changed color. When SPD work normally, the visible window of module will show green, once in valid, it wi ll show red, and produce acousticoptical alarm via connecting rod on the base, indicating the status of SPD is in normal service, aging, tripped temperature fuse or over-current and etc.

Technical Parameter

Model and specification MBD1A-B MBD1A-C MBD1A-D
Maxi carrying capacity 80 60 40 20 10
Nomial carrying capacity 40 30 20 10 5

With sound and light alarm module appearance and size (mm)



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